About Us

We are a family-run business based in the main street of Collingwood. We involve ourselves at a community level and ensure that we protect local values in all we do. The spit is a key part of the physical environment at the western end of Golden Bay and we strive to help preserve its prime natural setting while sharing it with others.

To us, the spit is sacred and we know it deserves the full protection it gets. We love being able to provide others with the chance to come and experience this powerful place.


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70 Years on Farewell Spit

We are part of a long history of tours along the spit, with the first ones starting in 1946 as part of the weekly mail delivery contract to the lighthouse families. Powerful old 4WD trucks were used in those days, with passengers sitting out on the open deck, exposed to strong winds, rain and sun. When the lighthouse was automated in 1984 the lighthouse families left, but the tours stayed, with Farewell Spit Tours maintaining the service since then. Today, strong sturdy 4WD buses are used, customised for the harsh conditions. With softer seats and big windows they are very comfortable compared to those of earlier days.


Caring for our environment

We take the privilege of working on the spit seriously and work hard to ensure this delicate environment is well preserved and protected. We work with the Department of Conservation to trap rats, stoats and possums, and monitor other pest-eradication efforts. We also join with local schools and groups on annual beach clean-ups and ensure all our rubbish is packed out with every tour.

We maintain our vehicles to a high standard to ensure pollution and environmental impact are minimised and we work to protect the habitat for all the wildlife and vegetation in the area. We also ensure our guests only interact with areas of the spit that are robust enough to withstand their presence.

We are one of the founding members of the Nelson Sustainable Tourism Charter and are committed to protecting this beautiful ecosystem.