Whales Strand on Farewell Spit

Posted by Paddy on 5 November 2012

Tags: golden bay whale stranding farewell spit

About 30 Pilot Whales stranded on the Golden Bay side of the Spit just before lunchtime today.

It was a spring tide and the Whales were left high and dry very close to the high tide mark approximately 2km along the beach.

Quite a number of them have died already and it is likely that the others will be euthenased later today because of their current state and the  suffering they would have to endure waiting until the tide reaches them at midday tomorrow.

Local volunteers and Dept of Conservation staff will have their numbers bolstered as people arrive from around the country answering the call for helpers. Among them will be Project Jonah members who are no strangers to these events.

First Cover Your Whale..

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