Ship sinks off Farewell Spit, cargo washes up 95 years later.

Posted by Paddy on 24 August 2012

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We found the contents of a barrel washed up on the ocean beach not far from the Lighthouse at the end of Farewell Spit.

This was not the first time we had come across Tallow on the beach but it was the most intact chunk and gave us the best clue as to its origin.

The timber had gone completely from around it but it can be clearly seen that there was once a barrel there.

Having spoken to Pete Mesley who has dived on the wreck of the Port Kembla I am pretty sure this was once part of the cargo. The Port Kembla sunk in 1917 having hit a mine laid by the “Wolf”. Here are some photos.

DSC 00321 1024x680

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