What's Happening on Farewell Spit in Winter?

Posted by Farewell Spit Tours on 8 August 2019

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lighthouse dark clouds

We often get asked why our trips still run in winter, when the migratory birds like the godwits have left for warmer climates. The answer is easy, there is still a lot happening out there, right through the winter.

The cooler months are also some of the calmest times on the coast. You can't beat a windless winter day with a bright blue sky and 'almost' no wind. It's magic. Of course, the converse of that is the wild, powerful, stormy days when nature is at her most tempestuous - also not to be missed. There are still plenty of birds along the beach and especially down at Fossil Point that stay with us all year. We love the cheeky oyster-catchers and gulls and how they strut along the beach each day, going about their own things.

This week (see above) we had this wonderful mix of dark clouds building behind, while the lighthouse was out in the sun. So strong, so beautiful. While another day (see below) Mt Taranaki loomed off-shore like a giant passing iceberg.

mt taranaki

And if you've been watching our Facebook posts you'll know we've seen two oarfish, a leopard seal and a giant squid on the beach over the last few weeks.

Then on the way home we were greeted with this beautiful rainbow over Collingwood.

There's definitely plenty to see here in winter.

cwood rainbow


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