Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell is the northern-most point of the South Island, sitting roughly in line with Foxton in the North Island. It's a wild, windy place with dramatically sculpted quartz sandstone cliffs dropping vertically to the sea. And it is the erosion of these, and other cliffs along the west coast, that create the sand which is carried north to form the spit. Peep over the edge and you may see lazy New Zealand Fur Seals soaking up the sun on a rocky ledge far below, or slipping through the waves that hammer this coast. The cape was named by Captain James Cook as he caught a last glimpse of the South Island before continuing his voyage to Australia. It is also a stop on the cliff top walk that starts to the south near Wharariki Beach and travels north to the base of Farewell Spit. Visit Cape Farewell on our signature Farewell Spit Tour